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In my life, personal development is of paramount importance, and I strive to continuously learn, whether it's economics as in my bachelor's degree or psychology during my study abroad semesters. I aim to maximize my potential in all areas of life. My professional experiences in financial analysis at BWG and marketing in various other roles have strengthened my ability to creatively solve analytical problems. As a person, I have demonstrated the ability to inspire and lead others to success by taking responsibility and setting clear goals. During my journey as a pole athlete, I have learned to find the balance between body and mind to lead a fulfilling life. Overall, I firmly believe that personal growth, communication skills, and a balanced lifestyle are crucial to achieving success and happiness in life.

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Projects & Experience

Founding Merci Pole

With the founding of Merci Pole, my mission has been to provide students with access to sports, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, conveniently online. In early 2022, I opened my own studio to give this vision a physical space. However, my ambitions extend further: I recognize the potential to develop Merci Pole into an international chain that brings people together worldwide, inspiring them for fitness and fun.

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