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Competitions in Pole Sport

Whether PSO, IPSF, or POSA Pole Dance/ Pole Sports competitions have one thing in common. They promote the sport.

A competition usually sounds very competitive, or in reality, it is a place where people meet with the same interests, goals, and passions. It is where the most enthusiastic people of a sports meet.

The energy is incomparable; you can feel how everyone is rooting for the other. In the locker room, makeup and hair are done together. Congratulations and applause for the others.

Not only is this desirable from a human athletic perspective, but also for the sponsors and companies, a competition is worthwhile. When so many people of a specific niche come together who may otherwise be less open with your love for your passion, it adds economic and emotional value.

Thank you to all the people who host PSO or the IPSF, especially the ODPS.

Thank you for making the pole dance community strong.



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